It's a plane! Wait it's a bird! No, It's a SHAZBOT!!!! Shazbots are coming soon in 2012. These 3'' x 5'' mini robots will be the bomb of the market.

Shazbots have 69 different functions with the ability to think for themselves. Coming from Gooch's manufacturers, these robots have the ability to talk back to you using mini voice receptors and speakers. they are proven to be 98.3% functional with a three year warranty. Their batteries last up to 2 years, and the cost to buy a shazbot will start at 699.99. Their are still some kinks to be figured out but they will hit the market hard when they come out.

- Up to 3 years limited guarantee.
-can talk with you
-can comb your hair
-protect you from bullies
-and apocalypses
-can make your bed
-can make breakfast
-and lunch
-can perform CPR
-thus, saving your life
-play music
-have internet access wherever
-can serve as a phone if needed
-play with you

-fly at over 20000 meters above sea level
-fly, period
-enlarge itself
-shoot laser out of its eyes
-pick locks
-can turn invisible
-have opposable thumbs
-even Chuck Norris has one
-notice, Chuck Norris has one, and its not even 2012
-Only ones who have shazbots will survive 2012
-Shazbots are epic
-buy one!
-voted 2012 invention of the year by the National Science Association
-would make your life a whole lot easier for 2 years.
-no more nagging mom...
- Call 696-969-GOOCH for more info
Well, you see a shazbot can do all these things and its quite great, but it also has special features. It can morph into any kind of designer robot and it has the ability to mimic voices. This is also an extremely useful tool if you're stuck on something, because it has internet access everywhere and projects it anywhere with voice command. Shazbots will also give you tips at any chosen time after analyzing the situation. It can get annoying, but it has an auto shut-off available. 
This right here is an epic type of Shazbot
If you could get a computerized mini robot for less than 1000 dollars, why wouldn't you?
*Shazbots are susceptible to Shazbot virus. If your shazbot shows : accidental coma, bubonic plague, small pox, severe diarrhea, spontaneous combustion, increasing depression, and possibly even death, please contact 555-dysfunctional shazbot or Thank you!